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Parenting Goals: 7 Getable Goal Action Ideas To Raise Great Kids

Parenting Goals: 7 Getable Goal Action Ideas To Raise Great Kids

When it comes to good parenting, everyone has their own idea of what it should entail.

And honestly, we are all just trying to do our best.

Every small step your child takes in the right direction is a reason to smile and be proud.

Setting parenting goals is essential to raising great kids and making sure your young children develop social skills and values that are necessary for child development.

And here I’ll help you set goals to raise a happy kid with a kind heart and healthy dose of self-esteem.

Happy family enjoying with their kids

Parenting styles differ from one person to another, but that doesn’t diminish anyone’s parenting skills in any way, shape, or form.

All it means is that we are all unique and as such, we bring to the table our own family rituals, traditions and morals we wish to instill in our children.

As a parent, your job is to raise a child to the best of your ability and prepare them for the real world.

It’s a tough task from the get-go, but spending time with your kids and being present in your child’s life is a great first step.

Raising Happy, Healthy Kids

Recently, I’ve noticed that people tend to make a decision at the beginning of every new year to really try and be a better mom or dad.

But that should be a constant, not a new year’s resolution!

We shape our kids through our actions and words.

A child’s behavior deeply depends on all the little things we do and say when we don’t think they’re looking (newsflash – they almost always are!)

So in order to be a good role model for your child and help them practice self-care and mindfulness, it’s necessary to set some firm parenting goals that will help you engage in more effective parenting while raising a good, happy kid.

mother and child daughter play and laugh

You have to practice what you preach though. It’s crucial to be a wo(man) of your word and stick to what you say.

All the parenting tips in the world won’t be of service if you tell your kid one thing, then do the opposite yourself.

Teach them how to embrace life by showing them the best way to do so.

We all know that modern parenting is hard work. So just be the person you want your children to grow into!

7 Easily Attainable Parenting Goals

Okay, so here, I’ll share with you some words of wisdom that I’ve collected on my parenting journey.

Since every parenting style is different, these are merely guidelines to follow during your own unique experience.

You know your child better than anyone.

These parenting tips are here to steer you in the right direction and help you figure out the best approach to raising your kiddo!

This is what I hope my children will grow into someday.

By applying these simple yet effective goal action ideas, you’re ensuring that your kid has the best possible chance at growing into a happy, healthy individual.

1. Teach your kids the importance of independence

Encouraging your kids to do things by themselves is crucial during their formative years.

I know we all tend to help them in every which way we can (especially when we’re in a rush and need things done fast), but it’s vital to teach your kid essential life skills. 

The last thing you want to be is a codependent parent.

As much as you’re tempted to, let them figure out homework on their own.

Let your four-year-old help you with chores. Let your kids tie their own shoelaces.

Sure, your 6-year old is far from adulthood, but now is the time where you teach them that they are capable of achieving things on their own!

Little girl and her mother doing cleanup

By helping your child discover their own independence, you are preparing them for what the world is going to be like for them when they grow up.

It’s crucial that your kid knows that they can come to you for anything, as long as they try to do it on their own first.

By making mistakes on their own is how they learn the right way to do everything.

Nurture their zest for independence while always having their back (and making sure that they know it).

2. Teach your kids empathy

In today’s world full of chaos, struggles, and bad things seemingly happening everywhere in the world, I want my kids to learn the importance of empathy and kindness.

Teach your children to know how they make other people feel matters.

Teach your children how to handle themselves with respect and mindfulness. I

t’s not about always being right, and they need to understand that.

Life isn’t about being the best and putting people down.

It’s about showing a kind heart when it’s not necessarily easy. It is about being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes and understanding their point of view.

Siblings help each other

Teach them the importance of equality.

A child needs to know that everybody is worthy, no matter their race, size, or family background.

Teach your child that friendship isn’t about having a million people around you.

It’s about developing and maintaining a connection with another person that is based on mutual love and respect.

3. Teach your kids to go after what they want

I always used to believe that work couldn’t be fun. I was so sure that it was merely a means to an end.

But now, having found a job that fulfills me, I know that’s not the case.

You most definitely can make your dreams a reality, and it’s crucial to teach your children that!

Teach them not to settle. Teach them to keep going after the world knocks them down.

young boys playing soccer

Guess what? Nobody has it easy, and neither will your kid.

But with a good mindset and a healthy dose of self-esteem, they have the chance to actually make a difference for themselves.

Show them it’s okay to pursue their goals and dreams, no matter how long it takes them to get there!

And the best way to do it is by sharing with them your own gratitude for having found work that makes you happy.

Show them how thankful you are and they will see firsthand that it is a possibility for them too!

4. Teach your kids to do the right thing

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but when you know what’s right, you never really question it, you just do it.

Rules are there to help guide our children and set firm boundaries, but sometimes, it’s okay to break them if it’s for the right reasons.

Help them understand the difference.

Teach your kid that it’s okay to be a little late from school sometimes if their friend needs their comfort.

two little girls embracing one another

Teach them the importance of being there for others even when it might seem like a bad idea.

Your kids need to learn to listen to their gut feeling. If they know they’re needed, teach them to never ignore it.

Helping a friend in need should never be something to question doing.

Encourage your child to think critically and figure out if what they want to do is okay, even if it goes against what they’ve been taught.

Teach them to consider all of their options in order to deduce the best way to go about things.

5. Teach your kids to find love in learning

Fuel your child’s curiosity! Show them that learning can be fun!

Help them discover what they love in order to help them learn more and have fun while doing it.

Learning is essential and inevitable in life, and your kids should know that it can also be something that brings them joy.

mother and daughter drawing

Here are some good ideas on how to achieve just that:

  • Embrace your child’s interests no matter what they are. STEM activities, expressing themselves with an art easel or a musical instrument, training martial arts, books – whatever your child is interested in, make sure to support them.
  • Let them enjoy their way of learning (however weird or unique it might be).
  • Always find time for them when they’re curious about life, love, and the meaning of it all.
  • Help them see that the process of learning can be just as rewarding as the end-goal.
  • Provide them with your own examples to teach them that it all pays off in the end.

It’s important that your kids know that learning is the only way to mature and grow into the person they aspire to be one day!

You can never learn or know too much. The more curious your child is, the bigger their chances of finding their passion!

6. Teach your kids to broaden their horizons

Show your children that the environment that they live in is not the only culture that exists in the world.

Teach them to learn all about different people, different cultures, and traditions.

Your children need to know that the world is a very diverse place and that there are so many ways to do something.

Expose them to as much of it as possible to help them appreciate it all.

My biggest parenting goal is to show my children that the life they’re used to living is just a tiny little speck of what the world has to offer!

Mother with her son in a museum

Here’s how you can broaden their horizons and invoke their interest in a multitude of things:

  • Attend cultural events together and teach them to see the value in it all.
  • Make meals from different cultures and take them to restaurants where they will be exposed to all kinds of food.
  • Take your children to museums and art galleries.
  • Whenever you can, travel and collect experiences.
  • Have story times where you read books that encourage a love of people and things that are different from them.

7. Love your kids unconditionally!

And finally, show your kids that no matter what they do, how many tantrums they have, and what they say to you, you will always love them unconditionally!

Your children deserve to know that they matter.

That’s the best parenting advice anyone can give you.

Your children need to know that they are worthy of your love, regardless of how badly they may have misbehaved.

It’s so easy to always yell at your kids to let go of their smartphones and resort to spanking when they’re being rebellious.

But what’s more challenging is actually being there to hear them out and simply be there!

happy mother and girl hugging

Kids need us much more than they will ever show us.

They don’t know any better way to express how much they crave your attention, so they resort to misbehaving, but it’s your job to really see them through it all.

Recognize that and be there to love them.

Before you know it, they’ll be teenagers and then all grown up.

Be their role model now when they need you more than ever and pave the way for them to make you proud to be their parent!


Being a parent is hard. There’s no going around that.

And good parenting is easier said than done.

But by setting these completely attainable parenting goals, you are taking a small step in ensuring a bright future for your kid.

Teaching your children these essential life skills means properly preparing them for the world.

It’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows and they need to know that. Life gets hard but you need to keep pushing.

Young children depend on their parents to shape them into good, kind-hearted people.

And as they grow older, you will see them slowly morphing into mature young adults with the right values and a compassionate heart.

Parents Sitting With Children

And that’s the biggest blessing of parenthood!

Seeing your child grow into the person you’ve tried so hard to help him become.

That means you did it.

You’ve done all you can and now you get to enjoy watching your children take over the world.

With your support and love, it’s up to them to decide where their journey will take them.

Guide them while they’re still young so that you can see them blossom when they grow up!

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