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130 Best Middle Names For Liam (With Nicknames)

130 Best Middle Names For Liam (With Nicknames)

Have you already decided on your little one’s first name, but can’t find a good middle name for him? Don’t worry, I got your back!

There are numerous middle names for Liam that might fit your little boy, including modern, traditional, popular, and unique names, depending on your preferences!

Middle names can add a special charm to the first name and some people even use their middle names in everyday life if they sound cool enough for them!

To me, adding a middle name seems like a great chance for your child to choose his own name in life.

There are many people who actually like their middle names better than their first one and decide to use their second name.

If you’re not sure which names will go well with your son’s name, dig into this article and discover the perfect middle name option for your little one!

Liam – Name Meaning And Origin

cute happy little boy lying in green grass on spring

The name Liam has been around for centuries, even though many consider it to be a modern version of William.

It was widely used in Ireland even before 1850 when Irish immigrants brought the name to the US.

It’s the result of an interesting name combination: Uilliam (Irish name) and William (German name).

It shares a beautiful meaning with the classic English name William that translates to “helmet of will” or a “strong defender”.

However, both of these names originated from the old German name Willhelm.

When translated from Hebrew, Liam translates to “standing up for your people”.

Even though Liam is a shorter version of William, this four-letter boy name can be shortened even further to a one-syllable baby boy name, Lee!

This name has been one of the most popular names for years and it reached its peak as the number one name on baby name lists in 2019!

If you’re waiting for a little boy Liam, I am sure he will wear this great name with a lot of pride!

Best Middle Names For Liam

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Every first name deserves only the best middle name, and all parents know what’s best for their baby girls and baby boys!

The name in the middle is a very important part of your child’s identity, it’s a name that may define your kiddo’s future just as the first name might.

Middle names also serve as a choice for your little one to decide which name he wants to use throughout life.

You’re essentially giving your child the opportunity to choose his own name.

You can go for classic names like James or even more international ones like Mateo.

Here’s a short list of my favorite name ideas for the middle spot that perfectly fit with this beautiful two-syllable boy name!

1. Liam Mateo

2. Liam Patrick

3. Liam Mason

4. Liam Jayden

5. Liam Asher

6. Liam Robert

7. Liam Alexander

8. Liam James

9. Liam Elijah

10. Liam David

Traditional Middle Names For Liam

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Some people prefer classic name combinations that don’t stand out too much from the traditional norms.

However, as more and more parents tend to give modern names or make some unusual combinations, traditional names might become unique and trendy again in the near future!

If you’re looking for more traditional middle name ideas for your little guy, here’s a list of classic middle names for Liam that stood the test of time!

1. Henry

2. Desmond

3. Elias

4. Cedric

5. Daniel

6. Tristan

7. Elliot

8. Noah

9. Joshua

10. Theodore

11. Michael

12. Nathaniel

13. Nelson

14. Hugh

15. Justin

sweet little boy standing outdoor in the field and holding a wheat

16. Anthony

17. Thomas

18. Dorian

19. Jacob

20. Gabriel

21. Benjamin

22. Edward

23. Montgomery

24. Levi

25. Mark

26. Arthur

27. Broderick

28. Christopher

29. Timothy

Popular Middle Names For Liam

little boy holding a suitcase with teddy bear on the sand

Liam has become a very popular name in the past few years just like the name Jordan once was.

But one of the biggest surprises is that, even though it was considered a masculine name in the past, it’s becoming very popular as a girl’s name, as well!

This name goes well with numerous other names, which makes it a great base for a combination with a second name.

The full name, William, is still quite common, but it’s definitely losing the popularity it had as it sounds much more formal and posh, while Liam sounds like a softer name for little boys.

If you’re tired of the tradition or simply do not prefer the classic names that have been given for centuries, you might want to check out this list of modern middle names for Liam!

1. Dawson

2. Derrick

3. Presley

4. Brody

5. Jordan

6. Wesley

7. Grant

8. Cooper

9. Maxwell

10. Ross

11. Evander

12. Dominic

13. Jackson

14. Sean

15. Brooks

16. Preston

17. Nolan

18. Harris

19. Carson

20. Bennett

cute baby boy standing outdoor and biting his finger

21. Clay

22. Owen

23. Kent

24. Grayson

25. Mitchell

26. Adrian

27. Riley

28. Spencer

29. Noel

30. Jude

31. Parker

32. Brandon

33. Donovan

34. Oliver

35. Wyatt

36. Ryan

37. Cole

38. Everett

39. Grady

40. Alistair

Little boy child blowing soap bubbles outdoors in sunny day

41. Garrett

42. Haynes

43. Carter

44. Moses

45. Bryce

46. Asher

47. Damian

48. Camden

49. Cohen

50. Cameron

51. Finley

52. Bradley

53. Kyle

54. Keith

55. Hunter

Creative Middle Names For Liam

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Being creative with middle names is not an easy task, especially nowadays when people have already come up with so many combinations that it seems impossible to have a unique name.

However, sharing the same name doesn’t necessarily mean that the name is not creative and unique.

If it represents something special for you or your family, then it’s a perfect name for your son!

But, if you don’t have any ideas in particular and still want to give your little one a creative middle name, check out these cool suggestions, I’m sure you’ll find at least one perfect name!

1. Knoxx

2. Lee

3. Archer

4. Finn

5. Adonis

6. Phoenix

7. Thane

8. Axel

9. Blue

10. Bryson

11. Bentley

12. Isaiah

13. Ulysses

14. Rohan

15. Blaize

16. Stiles

17. Malachi

18. Maddox

little boy wearing cotton pijama sleeping with toy

19. Zachary

20. Josiah

21. Jalon

22. Rocco

23. Cruise

24. Xavier

25. Mozes

26. Sark

27. Ryder

28. Ryker

29. Ace

30. Cruise

31. Keiran

32. Vaughn

33. Kellan

34. Xander

35. Aries

36. Quinn

Liam As A Middle Name

cute little boy with pacifier in mouth standing in the crib

Often, the middle name is actually the parent’s second option for the first name of the baby.

Partners can’t decide which name would be the best one for their little baby, so they compromise by using one suggestion as the first name, and the other for the second position.

Sometimes, you may decide on one name first and switch to the second name later. However, instead of giving up on the first name idea, you can just add it as the middle name!

Liam can be a great middle name too, if you change your mind about using Liam as the first name!

Here are some cute first name suggestions that go well with this four-letter name!

• Ellis

• Lennon

• Warren

• Niko

• Anders

• Shiloh

• Ford

• Idris

• John

• Nathan

Cute Liam Nicknames

adorable little boy with blue eyes and a blue hair smiling

It wouldn’t be fair to make a list of names without adding some cute nicknames, especially when they sound so adorable!

Nicknames are usually given out of affection and love by family or friends.

However, there are many funny nicknames for your little Lee that you’ll laugh about the whole day.

You can think of some other nicknames for your boy as well, just pay attention not to hurt the little guy’s feelings with any mean nicknames!

1. Leems

2. Will-I-Am

3. Lee-Lam

4. Limbo

5. Leeroy

6. Li

7. Uilliam

8. Lee-Ham

9. Lama-Li

10. Lilo

11. LeeLee

12. Leeyum

13. Liami

14. Lil-Man

15. Lime

Sibling Names That Go Well With Liam

cute little boy wearing a shirt and hat outdoor

Finding the perfect name for your little one is not an easy task, but it’s even harder when you have to find a good name for a future sibling that matches the first child’s name.

This is all part of parenthood and one of the things that seem quite simple in theory, but not so easy in practice.

However, the Internet has made everything a lot easier, including the hunt for the perfect name for your child! For Liam’s sibling, I prefer names like Nicole and Luke but feel free to find your own favorites.

You can find a lot of great suggestions for the second baby, including this list of adorable brother and sister names for Liam!

Brother names

• Aidan

• Gillian

• Luke

• Connor

• Declan

• Aaron

• Caleb

• William

• Brendon

• Killian

• Charlie

• Tyler

• Ben

Sister names

adorable little girl sitting in a meadow and smiling a lot

• Nicole

• Adele

• Isabella

• Naomi

• Mila

• Juliet

• Sienna

• Maisie

• Clara

• Ella

• Audrey

• Keira

• Maya

• Ruby

• Tessa

• Morgan

• Zoey

Famous People Named Liam

famous actor attending movie premiere

There are quite a few celebrities carrying this great name.

However, the list would be much longer with the full form of the name, William.

One of the most famous Williams in modern times is Prince William of the British royal family.

Here are some of the most notable people carrying this two-syllable boy’s name!

• Liam Hemsworth – Australian actor that you might recognize from The Hunger Games movies. Liam is also the younger brother of Chris Hemsworth, another famous Hollywood actor.

• Liam Payne – English singer and songwriter who became popular as a member of the famous boy band One Direction.

• Liam Neeson – Famous Irish actor who has a successful career behind him. One of his most memorable roles is the one from the Taken movies, where he played a retired CIA agent, Bryan Mills.

You better not mess with him, or else he will find you!

• Liam Cunningham – Irish actor who became popular thanks to the HBO hit series Game of Thrones, where he portrayed Davos Seaworth.

• Liam Aiken – American actor who played in numerous films, including Stepmom, Road to Perdition, Nor’easter, and The Bloodhound.

• Liam Gallagher – William John Paul Gallagher became famous as the lead vocalist of the British band Oasis, but he continued his career as a solo artist.

Final Thoughts

cute little boy lying on stomach

From Biblical baby names to modern ones, Spanish to French, shortest to longest – every name has its own charm and a future owner who’ll wear it with pride!

Different people like different names, but the most important part is that you and your family agree on your son’s name.

​I hope you have found at least one or two options that will go well with your little man!

However, if you’re looking for a more unique and special middle name for Liam, you might try to think of some name combinations on your own.

For example, you may use your or your mother’s maiden name to continue the tradition of your family.

Some people use names of special places or countries they visited or the name of a family member they appreciate.

Either way, whichever option you choose for your son’s name, the most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure the name doesn’t produce any problematic combinations when paired with the first and family name.

Even though Liam was traditionally considered to be a boy name, and it still is in most countries, it’s slowly turning into a unisex name, as there are more and more girls carrying this name!

Therefore, if you’re expecting a daughter, you might just use this as a girl name!

When you finally choose your baby’s full name, don’t forget to order a personalized onesie from Amazon or Etsy to celebrate.

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