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101 Best Nicknames For Charles That Work Wonderfully

101 Best Nicknames For Charles That Work Wonderfully

Charles is considered to be one of the most sophisticated names in the English language and culture.

There are plenty of nicknames for Charles, so it might be quite difficult to choose only a few.

This name is a great base for adorable pet names for your Charlie because it can be broken down easily, even though it’s a one-syllable name.

This name has traditionally been considered as a country name for boys especially during the wild west era. However, its nicknames are becoming quite popular as a girl’s name, like Charlie.

Your little one may not be the Prince of the UK, but I’m sure he’s the prince of your heart.

Here are some of the cutest nicknames for your baby boy that you’ll surely fall in love with.

Charles – Name Meaning And Origin

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This name has been known for centuries as a royal name carried by notable people including kings, dukes, and counts.

The origin of the name comes from three languages: German, Old English, and French, however, the meaning remains the same for all: “Free man”.

This name was first recorded in the Early Middle Ages as the name of the Germanic king, Cearl of Mercia.

However, many believe this name was born with the arrival of the Frankish Emperor, Charles the Great, also known as Charlemagne.

According to various baby name lists, this is still a somewhat popular name for boys, even though some argue it’s outdated.

On the other hand, this name hasn’t been in the top 10 name charts for several decades. It’s currently at 46th place on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) list, which is the highest position in the last 25 years.

One of the most famous people carrying this royal name nowadays is Prince Charles Mountbatten-Windsor, the son of Queen Elizabeth II.

Other well-known figures who carry this name include Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin.

According to astrology, this moniker is a typical name for Pisces kiddos.

Your boy may be kind and willing to help everyone, especially those who are bullied or hurt in any other way, and that’s why everyone will love him.

But, you have to take care of his feelings as well, because he might be a very emotional child and might require extra attention.

Even though Charles is a classic boy name, the feminine form Charlotte is also quite popular. There has also been a clear rise in the masculine nickname Charlie as a girl name, especially since it rose from 959th place in 2005 to 122 in 2020, according to the SSA website.

Popular Nicknames For Charles

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Even though this name is already popular, it has even more famous nicknames. According to the Social Security Administration website, Charlie is in 204th place as a boys’ given name, even though it’s been used primarily as a nickname for Charles.

Some do fear that this baby boy name became overused or even old-fashioned and that it hasn’t stood the test of time in the modern age.

However, I have a feeling that Charles might come back in great style sooner than expected!

Until that happens, here are some of the most common pet names for little boys that will probably become your son’s second name:

1. Chase

2. Charlie

3. Chip

4. Charl

5. Chucky

6. Chaz

7. Charly

8. Karly

9. Chuck

10. Karl

11. Cal

12. Arlo

13. Lee

14. Charley

15. Chuckie

16. Chad

17. Charlton

18. Char

19. Chas

20. Huck

21. Les

Creative Nicknames For Charles

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This sophisticated name does sound very serious and aristocratic, but it’s also a great base for very creative nicknames.

However, it would be better to play it safe than to experiment too much. Even though unique pet names are always welcome, sometimes they can become too unique for the people around you.

In order to avoid any uncomfortable situations, you can use some of the more common creative nicknames for baby girls or baby boys:

1. Cha-riffic

2. Chaddy

3. Cholly

4. Carlie

5. Chary

6. Charley Chilly

7. Xarles

8. Churls

9. Charlow

10. Carlo

11. Ceorl

12. Charleson

13. Harl

14. Carolus

15. Charming Charles

16. Charley The G

17. Chug Char

18. Charloman

19. Chorly

20. Chara

21. Charlot

22. Cale

23. Chaps

24. Cash

25. Chazzy

26. Big Daddy C

27. Chappie

28. Searlas

Funny Nicknames For Charles

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Who knew that such a royal name could have so many funny nicknames?

Essentially, creativity is the key – you can make a bunch of funny and cute nicknames for almost every name if you have an open mind.

However, the most important part is to choose a nickname that’s not offensive towards anyone and doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Different people have a different sense of humor, and your munchkin may not like the funny nickname you gave him when he grows older.

If you’re not sure whether the nickname you picked sounds appropriate enough, you may choose one of these cute and funny pet names for your little one:

1. C-Man

2. Charlie Chap

3. Charlil

4. Chakson

5. Arly

6. Carl-E

7. Chazy Chaz

8. Cheesecake

9. Cheeto

10. Chick

11. Chaa

12. Chabby

13. Charlito

14. Charlie Doo

15. Lil Charlie

16. King C

17. Charley-Smalley

18. Trickie Charlie

19. Duck-Chuck

20. Chu-Chu

21. Chazzy Doodle

22. Charmz

23. Chuddle

24. Chilly Willy Charlie

25. Chazzy Jazzy

26. Gnarly Charlie

27. Cha-Cha

28. Charlie Smiley

29. Leschar

Famous Nicknames For Charles

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There are so many fun nicknames based on your favorite entertainers, scientists, royals, or fictional characters from movies and animated series.

Fans of cartoons and comics will definitely find at least two favorite pet names for their kiddo – Charlie Brown and “Peanuts”!

But this one-syllable boy name can be associated with many other fictional or real-life characters who have influenced our lives in some way.

These are the best nicknames for Charles based on famous people or characters:

1. Charley Marley

2. Charles The Good

3. Charlie Brown

4. Darwin

5. Charmander

6. Oh, Charlie

7. Charley Hardy

8. Chaplin

9. Charles IV

10. Chuck Bass

11. Dickens

12. Prince Charles

13. Mr. Sheen

14. Charlie Chopper

15. Peanuts

16. Norris

17. Sir Charles

18. Chuck Palahniuk

19. Charlemagne

20. Charlamagne tha God

21. Charlie Bukowski

22. Charly Boy

23. Prince of Wales

Sibling Names That Go Well With Charles

Smiling boy standing with pumpkin on his shoulder

There are plenty of adorable names for boys and girls that go perfectly with this royal name.

You can go through these lists with your partner and find the best option for your second-born, be it a boy or a girl.

Here are some of the cutest names for your little boy’s sibling:

Boy names

• Aaron

• Harry

• Timothy

• William

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• Mark

• Peter

• Daniel

• Liam

• Thomas

• Lucas

• Andrew

Girl names

• Elizabeth

• Catherine

• Charlotte

• Caroline

• Scarlett

• Anne

• Stella

• Sarah

• Natalie

• Olivia

• Julia

The Name Charles In Other Languages

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This name is very popular around the world. However, each language has its own set of spelling and grammar rules that have to be respected.

Therefore, each name that becomes a part of a certain culture is subject to these rules.

Here are some of the most common variations of this masculine name:

• Carlus – Irish

• Karl – German

• Kaarlo – Finnish

• Carlos – Spanish, Portuguese

• Carlo – Italian

• Karlo – Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian

• Teàrlach – Scottish Gaelic

• Karol – Polish

• Kale – Hawaiian

Famous People Named Charles

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If you’ve named (or will name) your little one Charles, Charlie, or any other variation of this name, it can’t be denied that he’s in seriously good company.

From Hollywood to Buckingham Palace, there are some very interesting people with this name.

It would take days to list all the famous people with this beautiful masculine name, so I decided to pick a few that were amongst the most popular ones.

This list includes different variations of the name, including Charlies and Chuck – because nobody would dare make a list without Chuck Norris!

Now, here are some of the most well-known individuals who were given this royal name:

• Charles Darwin – A famous biologist from England who dedicated his life to geology and natural history.

He became famous thanks to his involvement in the science of evolution and the theory about the evolution of life, which is one of the fundamental scientific ideas nowadays.

• Charlie Chaplin – One of the most famous actors of all time, Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, started his career in 1914 as a 19-year-old boy.

He’s best known for his roles in the silent films “Tramp”, “Modern Times”, and “City Lights”.

• Charles Barkley – An NBA All-Star and MVP who’s also known as the “Round Mound of Rebound”.

Barkley was named one of the 50 greatest players of all time in the NBA. After his retirement, he became the analyst on the postgame show “Inside the NBA”.

• Charlie Puth – Charles Otto Puth Jr. became famous after his songs became viral on YouTube. He’s now known as one of the most successful songwriters, singers, and producers.

• Charlie Sheen – I was surprised the first time I found out that Sheen’s name is actually Carlos Irwin Estevez.

His stage name became so popular that most people forgot that’s not his real name.

Sheen appeared in a great number of movies and TV shows, but you probably know him for his role in the American sitcom “Two and a Half Men”.

• Chuck Norris – A legend of American cinema and action movies. Carlos Ray Norris served in the U.S. Air Force, after which he became a martial arts instructor for Hollywood celebrities.

As you already know, he soon became a Hollywood star himself.

• Charlie Hunnam – He’s an actor from the UK who made a breakthrough with his role in the TV show “Sons of Anarchy”. He went on to star in a bunch of Hollywood movies, including “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”.

Middle Names For Charles

Cute little boy outdoors

There are lots of great middle names for little boys such as Noah, which is one of the most popular names in the US right now.

Even though Charles is less popular than Noah, there are lots of beautiful names that pair with it flawlessly.

Middle names come as a fail-safe in case your little one doesn’t like his given name. Essentially, you’re giving your boy the option to choose the name he prefers, be it the first or middle one.

Also, a study from the University of Southampton has shown that people who have two names are perceived as being smarter in business and professional circles.

Therefore, this proves that people actually do benefit from having a middle name.

Here are some of my personal favorites that go together with this name just like peanut butter and jelly:

• Cole

• Tate

• Victor

• Oliver

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• Matthew

• Robert

• Elliot

• Mitchell

• Alexander

• Paul

• Bennet

Wrapping Up

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I hope you had a fun time finding the perfect nickname for your little boy.

Pet names usually come naturally, especially when children are still babies and toddlers.

However, as your kiddo grows up, he might become embarrassed of the cute or funny nicknames given by parents or other family members (especially during his teenage years).

If you notice your child doesn’t like to be called by a certain nickname anymore, don’t force it or you might end up causing unwanted conflict.

Also, some nicknames may not go down so well, especially the funny ones that can cross the line sometimes.

Therefore, make sure to use such nicknames only with someone you’re very close to, or avoid anything that might sound embarrassing to your child or someone else.

If you’re still undecided, you can share this article with your partner or friends and choose the best nicknames for Charles together.


• Wijnand A.P. van Tilburg, Eric R. Igou. (2014, 26 April). “The impact of middle names: Middle name initials enhance evaluations of intellectual performance”. Wiley Online Library.

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