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20 Best Baby Memory Books In 2022 Ranked

20 Best Baby Memory Books In 2022 Ranked

A baby memory book is not exactly on top of the list of essentials, but it’s definitely something worth having. I know what you must think: The last thing I need at this point is a new responsibility.

Being a mom is hard enough – you’re sleep-deprived, stressed, and anxious so who has the time to carefully keep track of every one of your baby’s milestones?

Well, getting yourself a baby book will help you with that, since it won’t let you forget anything important during these busy days.

Besides, one day, you’ll be so grateful that you kept a record of all these precious moments. When your baby grows up, they’ll be able to look back on their early days and see how loved they’ve been since day one.

So, now that I’ve talked you into getting a baby book, let me help you choose the best one. After all, that’s what am I here for! What follows is a list of the best baby memory books ever:

For all of you busy moms, here’s a quick list of our top picks!

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1. Promptly Journals – Childhood History Journal – Baby Books First Year and Pregnancy Journal


The amazing thing about this book is that it covers your child’s entire life: from conception to their 18th birthday. Basically, you get a pregnancy journal and a memory book, all in one!

It has 254 pages and provides enough space to record every stage of your child’s life. It starts with a pregnancy section, where you can write down your experiences from the very first moment you knew you were expecting.

After that, there are sections for each stage of your kid’s life, until they turn 18. There is space for keeping track of your little one’s height, weight, medical conditions, and other stats from their visits to the doctor.

The most special thing about this baby journal is the “yearly favorites” section. Sometimes, things such as your kid’s favorite song or color seem irrelevant and you forget them quickly.

However, here you can record their preferences each year. Imagine how much fun your little munchkin will have looking back at how their tastes have changed.

Each section has its own spot for photos, so you can see your child’s growth and physical changes throughout the years.


One of the first advantages of this baby memory book is its unisex design. So, if you’re one of those moms who doesn’t want to know the baby’s gender before giving birth, you can buy this memory book before your child even arrives.

You’re also good to go if you choose this as a gender reveal gift.

2. C.R. Gibson ‘Sweet As Can Be’ Perfect-Bound Memory Book For Newborns and Babies


The memory book starts with a “Getting to know Mom and Dad” section. There is also a place designed for a family tree so your child can be familiar with their roots when they grow up.

The book has enough space for photos and important information. During the first year of your baby’s life, each month gets one page.

Later on, there is one page for every year until the child turns 5.

What is especially interesting is that you can write down the price of water and things like that for each year of your baby’s life.

Basically, once they have grown up, they can reflect on the era in which they were born.


When you order the memory book, it comes in the cutest gift box ever. It is covered with a printed fabric spine and has stitched ribbon accents.

The floral design and the scalloped photo window on the cover give the book a touch of elegance, perfect for a little girl.

According to a customer review, the pages and the cover are made of excellent quality, which is quite significant. After all, you want this book to last a lifetime.

3. The Amazing Baby Memory Book By KiddosArt


This offering by KiddosArt has 72 pages and a variety of sections starting with the baby shower party and photos of the ultrasound.

Afterward, it features a growth and teething chart (where you can record your baby’s monthly progress and when each tooth appears), as well as a hands and footprint section.

It offers you the space to track all of your child’s birthdays, activities, holidays, and important milestones. It also has a section to include their friends and family, so they can forever remember who was around for their first days.

Finally, the book ends with a section for the first year of school. Extra stickers are provided if you want to indicate specific pages.

There is one lined and one blank page at the end of the book for your baby shower guests to sign or so you can write a note to your child.


Each page of the KiddosArt baby memory book is unique and tells its own story. It’s all animal-themed and you’ll see interesting characters such as Panda, Giraffe, Monkey, Lion, Parrot, Bear, and so on.

The design is unisex, which makes it a perfect baby memory book for girls and boys.

The pages are good quality so you can glue photos and other memories directly onto them, without the fear of tearing them. Also, the book comes with its own storage box for safekeeping.

4. Lucy Darling – A Simple Book of Firsts


This 48-page book is actually a blend between a journal and a scrapbook. There are pages for the baby’s firsts, family tree pages, favorites pages, and so on.


The simple design of the A Simple Book Of Firsts makes a perfect baby shower gift, especially if you’re not so familiar with the parents’ preferences. Besides this, it’s a great baby memory book for boys and girls.

The entire book is printed with soy-based ink and is eco-friendly.

5. Urban Kiddy Baby’s My First Family Album


This amazing keepsake book has enough space for 17 pictures. So, you have the chance to put photos of all of your baby’s important milestones.

Not only that: it also comes with a bonus baby safety mirror and name stickers. This is not a typical baby memory book, since there is no space for you to actually write anything.

It’s a baby album, so all of the baby’s milestones will be presented through photos.

Of course, it’s big enough to fit the whole family.

The album comes with a multi-purpose hook. Therefore, it can be easily attached to cribs or strollers.

It is amazing to spark your child’s imagination. Just show them the photos with name tags to help them learn all about their relatives.

You can read it as a book of your family or use it as a unique family tree.


This album cover is animal-themed and it is decorated with amazing giraffe drawings.

The hardcover’s design is gender-neutral and therefore suitable for either your baby boy or baby girl. The entire book is made out of child-safe, non-toxic fabric.

The pages are a beautiful yet simple design, so you won’t have a hard time filling them.

6. Petit Collage Deluxe Baby Book and Memory Box


Primarily a photo-book that you can fill with photos of your baby’s milestones and other precious moments that together tell the story of you as a family.

However, there is more that makes this baby album so special – it has lots of space for storing a baby’s birth announcement, birth certificate, or ultrasound. It also comes with a bunch of stickers, and an envelope in which you can put your little one’s first tooth or a lock of hair.


The Petit Collage Deluxe personalized baby memory book comes with one of the coolest designs ever. It’s not just cute – it’s also amazingly creative and symbolic as it represents the new parents and newborn baby as birds putting their hatchlings in the nest.

It has a gender-neutral design.

7. Lucy Darling Little Animal Lover Memory Book


When did your child learn to ride a bike? When did they go on their first car ride? When did they start to crawl?

The Lucy Darling Little Animal Lover modern memory book has enough space for all of this.

It comes with 48 pages – 11 of them blank for you to write down things such as “Letters to my baby” or just put some additional photos.

It also comes with lots of space for hand tracing and pages for birth announcements and hospital bracelets.

This first-year book will make your scrapbooking easy since it doesn’t require you to write down too many mementos. Instead, it focuses on the most significant milestones and precious moments.


The paper is quite thick and of good quality. As far as the cover goes, it is gender-neutral and animal-themed.

The design is actually pretty simple but that is what makes it so beautiful and practical. Every page has a cute illustration of an animal such as an owl, a bear, a penguin, an elephant, and so on.

8. Le Petit Baby Book


The moment you open the Le Petit baby book, you’ll understand what makes it so special.

Firstly, new parents get a chance to say something about themselves – their names, their lives before the baby’s arrival, and a little more about their love story. How cute is that?

After that, there is a family tree section decorated with a tree illustration where each family member is represented by a bird.

Before you start filling out the actual baby scrapbook, there is space for you to paste photos of your life before the arrival of your little one.

This memory book covers the baby’s life until their first birthday but unlike other baby books, it doesn’t have a specific childhood history journal for every month.


Once you see the packaging of the Le Petit baby book, you’ll immediately realize why it’s one of the best gift ideas for a new mom and dad.

It’s actually quite a compact album with colorful illustrations of birds bringing things for a new baby.

The cover is foil-stamped and it comes with a fabric spine.

9. Bobee Baby Journal Memory Book


This personalized baby memory book covers everything important from the new baby’s birth to their fifth birthday.

What makes this baby book so special is that it’s far less restrictive than other baby books. Basically, it’s up to you to decide what you’ll write in it – there are however directions at the bottom of every page.

It is possibly the best choice for non-traditional families since it has no family tree, vaccines, or religious events sections.

This is why most same-sex couples and single moms and dads pick this memory book – it doesn’t put them in a box and gives them the freedom to make their baby’s memory book whatever they want it to be.

According to customer reviews, this is especially important when it comes to the sections reserved for siblings or the parents’ love story.

If you’re divorced or a single parent, getting this baby book will save you from a lot of awkwardness.

Another amazing thing about the Bobee memory book is its simplicity. Filling it out won’t take you a lot of time since its sections are all straight to the point.n


The Bobee baby journal has 52 thick pages, a gender-neutrally designed hardcover, and it arrives in a gift box.

This makes it a great gift idea for expecting parents and if you buy it for your new baby – you can always keep it stored in this creative packaging.

10. Ronica Memory Book For Baby Girl


One of the most detailed personalized baby memory books on the market, the Ronica book features a total of 24 sections, so you can only imagine the variety of topics and information that it covers.

At first, this might sound like too much for you to fill in but trust me this memory book is super user-friendly!

Firstly, there is the parents’ section, where both a new mom and a new dad have a chance to write their baby a welcome letter. In addition to this, you can also write down your special love story.

After that, there is a place for the birth announcement photos or cards, baby shower gifts, and a list of your guests.

The next part is dedicated to the mom’s labor and the baby’s arrival in this world. This is followed by some popular culture information and events.

Thereafter, are sections for the birth certificate, foot and handprints, and then the family tree.

This amazing scrapbook includes information about your first home, your baby’s favorite things, birthdays, important holidays, and all of their firsts (it ends with the first day of school).

You can also get additional pages for the baby’s first year with 12 stickers for each month and an envelope for keepsakes of your choice.


Be aware that the Ronica book is primarily designed for girls, so it’s mostly pinkish and flowery. Besides its appealing design, it is also of good quality.

11. RubyRoo Baby First-Year Baby Memory Book & Baby Journal


This baby memory book covers everything from pre-birth until your little one turns 5. Some of the sections are: “My family”, “My holidays” and “Baby’s firsts” which include hand and footprints, first swim, first bath, first words, first meal, first haircut, as well as the dates when your baby started crawling and walking.

Not only that, but this amazing book gives you a chance to capture your pregnancy life as well. You can add pictures from before you even knew you were expecting, baby shower photos, or the ultrasound.


The floral linen cover titled “All about me” makes the RubyRoo baby’s book unique and special. It comes with 56 thick pages of excellent quality.

The photo frames are square-shaped and Instagram-friendly, which makes this a modern memory box. Despite this, the creators have managed to make the design classic and vintage.

Nature is clearly the biggest inspiration for the entire book’s design with the theme of spring, symbolizing the new birth, as the number one motif.

12. Baby Memory Book Baby Journal and Photo Album 4.8

This is more than a regular memory book – it’s actually a newborn memory kit. It offers you lots of space for all of the important things from the first days of your baby’s life.

This includes your little munchkin’s ultrasound, hospital bracelet, a spot for footprints, birth announcement and other precious keepsakes from your baby’s first year. Pretty amazing, right?

Besides this, there are 2 world pages for a photo of home, 12 months for every-month documenting, 10 pages for the baby’s favorite things, a family tree, and all of their firsts.

After that, you have birthday pages for the first five birthdays and a first day of school page.

Not only that: there are also 11 blank pages where you can write down anything you want (or put some additional photos).


The gender-neutral baby journal is animal and forest-themed.

The pages are exceptionally sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about your writing bleeding through the pages. The entire journal is made out of great quality fabric.

13. First-Year Baby Memory Book & Baby Journal


“My Story” baby memory book has 57 pages and over 80 photo boxes. This information alone will make you realize that having this book will prevent you from forgetting any of your baby’s special moments.

When you open it, you’ll see the “pre-baby” section that is dedicated to the life you had before you found out you were becoming parents.

Afterward, you will find space to write a letter to your little ray of sunshine that you haven’t yet had the chance to meet.


When it comes to this memory book by Lovely Sprout, there are three designs available: pink, blue, and the “Little animals” design, which is completely neutral and suitable for both genders.

So, if you don’t know the new baby‘s gender before making the purchase, or just want to avoid the stereotypes, the third option is a great choice!

The covers of the first two designs have a photo of a sleeping baby boy or a baby girl. On the other hand, the “Little animals” edition is covered with drawings of different animals.

Keep in mind that a part of the profit from this memory book goes to charity and it helps provide clean water for those in need around the world.

14. Lil Peach First 5 Years Baby Memory Book


This 42-page baby book covers all details starting from the pre-birth period all the way to your child’s fifth birthday.

The first section is dedicated to the parents’ life before the baby’s arrival. It covers some basic information about the mom and dad, their love story, and the baby’s family tree.

This book also offers space for stories about the pregnancy journey, the baby shower ceremony, gifts, and guests, as well as the baby announcement.

Don’t forget to include the ultrasound as well as photos of the pregnant mamma in this section.

The next part is all about the baby’s arrival and the little one’s firsts. Among other things, there are also pages for the baby growth chart as well as bathing, sleeping, and eating schedules.

Afterward, it’s all about the child’s milestones and growth. Of course, the book pays special attention to birthdays, holidays, and other important events and dates.


This is another baby book designed for baby girls. After all, the pink and peach confetti polka dots says it all – the “My record” baby book is a perfect match for your little princess.

There are however other designs on offer from these creators if you’re having a little boy.

15. Pearhead Hello Beautiful First 5 Years Baby Memory Book


Possibly the best thing about this baby’s journal is that it offers a lot of space for writing, in comparison to most other baby books that are mostly for photos.

The section about baby’s firsts has space for six firsts only but that’s enough for most parents.

Like many other books, this one also comes with the family tree section.

However, you only have the option to build a traditional family tree. There is no space for step-parents and it’s definitely not adjusted for other non-traditional families.

The book comes in a keepsake box that will definitely be useful for storage in the years to come.


This is another baby book specialized for girls. The title “Hello, beautiful” and the arrow in gold foil on the cover says it all. The thick pages are of great quality and are all decorated in pink and white.

The design is pretty simple, which will keep the attention of anyone reading the baby book on the important information.

16. Mom’s Floral One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book


Of all memory books out there, this is certainly one of the most unique! In fact, this is not a typical scrapbook – it’s more of a diary for a mom to keep or something you might call “Letters to my baby”.

It’s named “One line a day” for a reason. Essentially, this is a five-year journal where you have the chance to write a short, preferably one-sentence note to your kid every single day until they turn five.

This might sound like a lot of work but trust me, once you get used to it, it will become part of your daily routine and it should only take a few minutes!

And, there is no doubt that once your kid gets a little older, they’ll be thrilled to read it! It’s an opportunity for them to find out more about your emotions and thoughts while you were raising them.

It will be enough to write down one memorable thought, wish for a baby, a birth quote or your baby’s milestone – whatever marked your motherhood on that specific day.

The book features 372 lined pages – exactly the amount of space you need for your five-year diary.


The hardcover is padded and foil-stamped so you don’t have to worry about the diary’s quality. The cover is covered in flowers and the page edges are gilded.

17. C.R. Gibson B2-12683 Elephant ‘Hello World’ First Five Years Unisex Memory Baby Book


This is another 5-year memory book that has a page per month for the first year of your baby’s life and then, a page per year until they turn five. There is also a foot and handprint section as well as pages dedicated to new dad and mom, as well as the pregnancy period.

Among other things, there is space for a birth certificate, health statistics as well as a baby shower, and a guests section.

Basically, the book covers all the important moments of your baby’s early childhood.


It’s apparent that elephants on the front covers of baby journals are quite popular and this baby book is no exception.

The entire book is in green and beige, which makes it completely gender-neutral.

The best thing about its design is that it comes with a removable baby photo on its cover.

You can just replace that photo with the one of your child and you have yourself a personalized scrapbook.

18. Pearhead Baby’s First Year Calendar, Track Every Milestone and Memory, Gray Chevron


This book is only for your baby’s first year. Actually, it is a kind of a day-to-day calendar for the first 12 months of your child’s life.

Inside, you’ll find 12 month pages, a happy birthday page, a sticker page, and another blank page for you to use in any way you choose.

Every month’s page has space for writing down your baby’s weight, height, or a special moment.

Additionally, you can also place a photo of your little munchkin each month to follow their progress.


The pretty and classic design with the silver ribbon on the front cover which adds a dash of elegance to this journal makes it a great choice.

19. Little Blossoms Baby Keepsake Book, Baby Photo Album, Baby Memory Book


This baby book pretty much has it all. It’s both a journal and a photo album all in one as it comes with 50 journal pages, space for photos, and a photo pocket on the cover for your favorite baby picture.

This baby record book includes an introduction, where you can write a mom and dad story, pages for your pregnancy story, space for all the baby’s firsts, a growth chart, a family tree, and many more useful sections.

Just like in most other baby books, this one also has a foot or handprint section.


The book’s design is gender-neutral. It’s gray with polka dots and gold details, so it will fit any nursery.

The cover is foam padded and it looks quite luxurious, due to the shiny foil finish. All the pages have a mat finish.

20. Pillow & Toast Baby Memory Book and Photo Album


In comparison to other books, this one is pretty thin, as it only has 32 pages.

Most of the journal is filled with month-to-month pages. Each month section has a place for a baby photo, growth details, and fun facts subsections as well as some extra space for other interesting details.

Besides this, there is also a birthday page and a “your first days” page.


This is a neutral gender gift which, at first glance, looks like a photo album but when you look at it more closely, you’ll see that it’s much more than that.

The paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council since the entire book is made from the wood of renewable forests.

The ink is soy-based and the paper is pH-neutral. The book is a spiral-bound hardcover.

Final Thoughts

Whichever baby memory book you pick, one thing is for sure: you won’t go wrong.

I know that making the right choice in the face of all these wonderful baby books seems like a mission impossible but remember this shouldn’t be stressful.

The most important thing is to enjoy your baby’s early days and to create memories that count!

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20 Best Baby Memory Books In 2021 Ranked

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