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Names That Mean Light: Over 200 Brightest Choices

Names That Mean Light: Over 200 Brightest Choices

Names that mean light are among the most beautiful baby names. They are as pure as the babies themselves.

Searching for these names wasn’t easy at all.

Almost all of them come from foreign languages, some of which are even extinct.

But, if you want a unique baby name, you’re in the right place!

Childbirth is the start of your journey together and many world cultures believe a name determines a person and marks him for life.

Naming your baby girl or boy is one of the most important things you’ll have to do.

But, be careful what you choose.

What sounds great at first, may sound awful in a day or two.

So, think it through while you’ve still got some time before meeting the next love of your life, your little ray of light.

Join the MomTribe bandwagon and let’s explore the best names that mean light together!

Maybe you’ll manage to find a first or middle name for your boy or girl without much trouble.

Female Names That Mean Light

When picking a girl’s name many future mothers face lots of difficulties.

For starters, it’s often only then that we realize how many people we don’t really like – no one wants their little angel carrying the same name as their childhood bully!

But, we may also come across so many wonderful girl names that it feels a shame not to pick them all.

The reality is, your little one can’t walk around with a name longer than your baby room shopping list, so the best you can do is pick a name or two and hope your next kid will be a girl too.

Here’s a list of the most popular girl names that mean light. They’re all equally pretty, some even unique. I’m really crossing my fingers that you find your ideal name here.

1. Abha is Hindu and means shining or light.

2. Aegle has Greek roots and it means splendor, light, or radiance.

3. Alina is another Greek name with a lovely meaning of light or bright.

4. Aileen also stands for bright, shining light, but this is an Irish name.

5. Aine is another lovely Irish name meaning splendor or bright light. The name is inspired by the Irish Celtic goddess of summer and wealth, Áine.

6. Aurora means dawn in Latin. This gorgeous out-of-this-world girl’s name became quite popular among parents thanks to Disney’s movie Sleeping Beauty – everyone wants their own little princess! The name is derived from the phenomenon of Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis.

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7. Ayla means moonlight in Turkish and it’s a lovely and exotic girl name.

8. Chiara, a sweet Italian name that means light and clear. Claire and Keira are excellent alternatives to Chiara.

9. Ciana is very similar to Chiara; it even has the same meaning. However, some claim Ciana means “God is gracious”. Either way, it’s one of the many gorgeous names that mean light.

10. Dawn, which refers to the first ray of sun or daybreak is a popular name for a little girl born in the morning.

11. Dia, Sanskrit for light, is a lovely moniker for little girls and a great nickname for the name Diana.

12. Eileen stands for the shining one in Gaelic.

13. Elaine is a pretty girl name of French and Scottish origin. The name stands for bright, shining light. But, it’s also a variation of the name Helen. Did you know that Elaine was Lancelot’s lover in Arthurian Legend?

14. Eleanor, a lovely Scottish name, which means light, of course.

15. Ellen is a little ray of sunlight in Greek.

16. Faina is a rare girl’s name. It actually has Russian roots and means ray. In Greek Mythology, the name stands for Phaenna, the goddess of charm, beauty, goodwill, and fertility.

17. Faven means light. This name suits virtuous girls full of self-love.

18. Hannelore is a beautiful foreign name that means light. However, Hannelore is German for God is gracious too!

19. Helen or Helena was the daughter of Zeus in Greek Mythology. But, Helena was also the most beautiful woman in the world, a face that moved 1,000 ships, and the initial capsule of the Trojan war. The elegant female name stands for the shining one or bright.

20. Iliana, what a lovely girl name! It’s a rare name, but I have a feeling things are about to change. The name has Spanish origins and means the ray of light. It’s one of the most beautiful names parents can choose for their little girl.

21. Ilona has Hungarian origins. The name means light, of course, but it also means joy to someone in Finnish. The name was actually derived from the name of the Queen of the Fairies in Magyar folklore.

22. Kamaria is such a unique African name meaning moonlight. The name means the same in Greek, as it was found in a small village in the Chania region of Crete.

23. Lucy, Lucia, or Luciana, no matter which spelling you pick, these are all names that mean light. They’re all Italian and were created in honor of Saint Lucia of Syracuse.

24. Luz is a sweet name that means light and has Spanish roots.

25. Mahina or Moonlight, or even moon is a creative Hawaiian name.

26. Nahara has another meaning aside from light – wisdom for a modern world. It’s Aramaic and has a lovely sound.

27. Phoebe was Artemis’ grandmother in Greek Mythology. The name signifies brilliance or radiance.

28. Roxana was once the Persian wife of Alexander the Great. Her name means dawn or little star.

29. Sanaa is a shining light and a unique African name.

30. Thea is the Greek goddess of light. She’s the mother of the sun, moon, and dawn. Today’s Theas are sweet little girls with a powerful name that gives them confidence.

31. Zia signifies light or splendor. It’s a name with Arabic roots and quite a rare one.

32. Zora is a gorgeous Serbian name meaning the light of dawn or bright light. It’s an equivalent to the name Dawn.

Male Names Meaning Light

Every kid deserves to shine bright like a star and be given the spotlight.

Once you give birth, you’ll find yourself wishing for only the best things in life for your baby, including the best name possible.

And, since your baby is the apple of your eye, the beam of light in the darkest hour, it makes absolute sense to pick one of the names below that mean light.

For your baby boy’s name, we’ve gathered a bunch of unique ideas from all over the world.

The choice won’t be an easy one at all.

But, you can be sure your little baby boy will have a wonderful baby name meaning.

Keep reading to discover the best boy names that mean light.

1. Abe is the father of light. The name was popular in many English-speaking countries. Back then, it was given to boys with the hope that they would become fathers of many. Abe was often used during the time of Abraham Lincoln.

2. Abner is a great Biblical name meaning father of light.

3. Ambert is a rare name of German origin meaning bright and shining light.

4. Anwar also means light but in Arabic. This oriental name isn’t that common, so your Anwar will definitely be one of a kind.

5. Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. He was also the twin of goddess Artemis. Apollo’s name means light.

6. Argi has Basque roots and stands for light, brilliant, and intelligent.

7. Beacon stands for signal light in Old English. However, the name has other meanings, appealing and illuminating.

8. Bubu is an adorable boy name with Egyptian origins. It means giving light or reverence for God.

9. Chand is a Hindi name meaning shining moon.

10. Deepak is also Hindi, but it’s a little lamp or a symbol of a bright future.

11. Dritan is a unique Albanian name meaning light.

12. Epifanio is a traditional Spanish name meaning bringing light or manifestation.

13. Faro is Italian for a lighthouse.

14. Fotis is a beloved Greek name that means light. The name is very valued in Greek culture as St. Photios was a pillar and foundation of the Church.

15. Harbin is a little bright warrior in German. This strong boy name also stands for a glorious warrior in Manchu culture.

16. Jomei means to spread light in Japanese, but it also means cultural pride. Your Jomei will be your biggest pride!

17. Lito is Latin for light, but it’s also old English for being happy.

18. Lucas, Luca, Lucius are all names that mean light in Latin.

19. Lucian also means light and it’s a unique name derived from the Old Roman family name, Lucianus.

20. Meyer is a bringer of light. The name has Jewish roots and can also mean mayor or head.

21. Pradeep is Hindi for light. This cool Indian name has other meanings, like a lantern or to light the first lamp.

22. Raiden is lightning in Japanese.

23. Siraj is Arabic for light or lamp.

24. Zain, with many spelling variations, is a very popular boy name. It’s Hindu for the light of God, but it’s also Arabic for beauty and grace.

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Light Or Sun

We live in a modern age where gender neutrality is more than welcome.

Many parents nowadays opt for a gender-neutral or unisex name for their babies.

All of the names below are simply incredible.

They come from far and wide, meaning light, sunshine, and bright rays, and bring only happy vibes.

Are you vibing with our unisex baby names meaning light?

1. Aonani is a Hawaiian name meaning beautiful light.

2. Chandler, a name that’s widely associated with a good laugh, has English origins and means candlemaker. Something Chandler Bing would definitely not be, right?

3. Hikaru is light or radiance in Japanese.

4. Kiran comes from Hindi and means sunshine. It’s one of the coolest names that means light.

5. Lux is Greek for light and a cool unisex name.

6. Nur or Noor is a beautiful Arabic name that also means light.

7. Oran is a unique name with Aramaic and Gaelic roots meaning light green.

8. Sheridan is a bright light in Gaelic.

Girl Names That Mean Bright

May your little girl be as bright as the sunlight and may she always see a bright future ahead of her.

To channel positivity and good wishes, here are the finest girl names that mean brightness.

1. Akiko is bright in Japanese.

2. Avira is bright in Tamil.

3. Clarabelle is bright and beautiful in Latin.

4. Ilka is a bright and shining one in Hungarian.

5. Phaedra is a bright light in Greek.

6. Senna is bright in Arabic.

Boy Names That Mean Bright

And for your little boy’s name, here are some name ideas as bright as the sun that rises every morning.

These name ideas are often from foreign languages, so they may be a bit odd at first, but after saying them a few times I don’t doubt that they’ll grow on you!

1. Albert is noble and bright in German.

2. Albus is bright and white in Latin. This is a terrific name choice if you’re a huge Harry Potter fan.

3. Brighton is a bright town, exactly as it sounds.

4. Callahan is bright-headed in Irish.

5. Fynn is bright and fair in Irish.

6. Xavier means bright or new house in Arabic and Basque.

Trending Baby Names That Mean Light

Trending names are great, but there’s a reason why they’re only trending.

Many of them lose their popularity within a year or two.

If you don’t care whether the name will lose its popularity, and you’re basing your choice on the sound and meaning, then this list is for you.

Here’s how Hollywood’s top celebrities are naming their kids.

Let me know if you like any of these names that mean light. I love them all!

1. Ambert has German roots and means a bright, shining light.

2. Arlo Day has a double meaning and double origin. It’s Spanish and English for barberry trees and light.

3. Ella is the one who sparkles or a beautiful woman.

4. Maira means the moon, light, swift, and fast-moving in Urdu.

5. Mayookha is a truly unusual name coming from Hindi. It means a beam of light.

6. Nelly is the most beautiful woman or shining light.

Names That Mean Lightning

1. Aashni, of Hindi origins, means lightning.

2. Adhira, a Sanskrit name that means divine white lightning.

3. Asterope, with Greek roots, means lightning. It can be used as a girl’s or as a boy’s name.

4. Bronte, a unisex name idea meaning thunder in Greek.

5. Capala is Hindi for lightning but it can also mean swift.

6. Damini, of Hindi origin, means lightning too.

7. Donar is the Scandinavian God of Thunder.

8. Donner means thunder in German.

9. Elektra has Greek origins and means amber or incandescent.

10. Foudre is French for lightning.

11. Kaminari is Japanese for thunder.

12. Kutsa is a great unisex name of Indian origin meaning lightning.

13. Levina is the Latin word for a lightning thunderbolt.

14. Lyn is Norwegian for lightning.

15. Mellan is a lovely Irish name for both boys and girls, meaning little lightning.

16. Munja is the Croatian word for lightning bolt.

17. Perun is the Slavic God of lightning.

18. Petir is Indonesian for lightning.

19. Rai stands for lightning and thunder in Japanese.

20. Thor is the Old Norse God of thunder.

21. Thora is the Old Norse Goddess of thunder.

22. Torben stands for thunder bear in Danish.

23. Toril is Thor’s battle or thunder in Old Norse.

24. Trueno is Spanish for thunder.

Male Names That Mean Moonlight

1. Ainar: Kazakh for the moon.

2. Arche: one of Jupiter’s moons.

3. Atlas: one of Saturn’s moons.

4. Badar/Bader: Arabic for the full moon.

5. Badru: Egyptian for born during a full moon.

6. Hyperion: one of Jupiter’s moons.

7. Jerah: a lunar month.

8. Jericho: Arabic for the city of the moon.

9. Kale: one of Jupiter’s moons.

10. Koray: Turkish for ember moon.

11. Luan: Portuguese for the moon.

12. Mani: personified moon in Old Norse.

13. Narvi: one of Saturn’s moons.

14. Oberon: one of the moons of Uranus.

15. Qamar: Arabic for the moon.

16. Triton: Neptune’s moon.

17. Tunkay: Turkish for the copper moon.

18. Vikesh: Indian for the moon.

Female Names That Mean Moonlight

1. Aitne: Greek for one of Jupiter’s moons.

2. Altalune: Latin for over the moon, or higher than the moon.

3. Amaris: Irish for moon child.

4. Ariel: one of the moons of Uranus.

5. Aruna: moon love in Japanese.

6. Aysel: moon flood in Turkish.

7. Bianca: one of the moons of Uranus.

8. Callisto: one of the moons of Jupiter.

9. Celimine: Latin and Greek elements of heaven, moon, and strength.

10. Chandra: Hindi Goddess of the moon.

11. Chantara: Thai for moon water.

12. Charon: Pluto’s moon.

13. Crescent: the shape of the moon.

14. Cynthia: Greek Goddess of the moon.

15. Deva: Hindi moon Goddess.

16. Diana: Goddess of the moon, hunting, and forests.

17. Dione: Saturn’s moon.

18. Elara: one of Jupiter’s moons.

19. Esmeray: Turkish for dark moon.

20 Hang: Vietnamese for the moon.

21. Indu: Hindi for the moon.

22. Jaci: Native American for the moon.

23. Io: one of Jupiter’s moons.

24. Larissa: Neptune’s moon.

25. Liviana: Hebrew for the white moon.

26. Lua: Portuguese for the moon.

27. Lucine: Armenian for the moon.

28. Luna: Italian and Spanish word for moon.

29. Lutana: moon in Tasmania.

30. Mahina: Hawaiian for the moon.

31. Mahrukh: a Muslim name for a face like a moon.

32. Melinoe: one of the moon Goddesses.

33. Mona: Old English for the moon.

34. Moon: as simple as that.

35. Neoma: Greek for the new moon.

36. Nikini: Sri Lankan for the full moon in August.

37. Nuray: Turkish for the bright moon.

38. Purnama: Indonesian for the full moon.

39. Sasi: a Thai word for moon.

40. Selena: the Moon Goddess.

41. Soma: Hindu for lunar nectar.

42. Stellaluna: Latin for star and moon.

43. Thebe: one of Jupiter’s moons.

Japanese Names That Mean Light

1. Akari: This Japanese name means “lights” or “brightness” and it has a splendid feel and flow for a baby girl.

2. Himari: This cute baby name is rising in popularity in Japan, and in addition to its melodic sound, it has lovely meanings. Depending upon interpretation, Himari stands for the hollyhock flower, jasmine, or sunflower; it also can mean “ball of light” or “home of light and love”.

3. Izumi: Like a lot of the best Japanese baby names, this one’s meaning stems from nature. Izumi means “spring” and represents lightness and renewal for a son born at any time of year.

Names That Mean Light Bringer

1. Aharon is a mountaineer in the Old Testament. But in Hebrew, the name Aharon means light-bringer.

2. Argider is Basque for light-bringer.

3. Arryn is another light-bringer but of English origin.

4. Heylel is another light-bringer in Hebrew. Your little baby boy will truly bring light into your life.

Names That Mean Light And Dark

1. Altan, light

2. Berhanu, light

3. Cahaya, light

4. Dag, dark

5. Devin, dark

6. Dougal, dark

7. Duff, dark

8. Erebus, dark

9. Gethin, dark

10. Hesperos, dark

11. Li, dark

12. Lior, light

13. Lugus, light

14. Manlius, dark

15. Maurus, dark

16. Meir, light

17. Nishant, dark

18. Ori, light

19. Orpheus, dark

20. Otieno, dark

21. Rajnish, dark

22. Sabah, dark

23. Sullivan, dark

24. Summanus, dark

25. Taner, dark

26. Uri, light

27. Uriah, light

28. Vespasian, dark

29. Ziya, light

30. Zohar, light

Hebrew Names That Mean Light

1. Aaron has many meanings. In Hebrew, the name stands for high mountain, exalted, or enlightened. In Greek, the name signifies the bearer of martyrs. Aaron is a popular boy’s name that won’t lose its popularity very soon.

2. Avner stands for the father of light and it’s a name of Hebrew origins.

3. Barack is one of those names that mean light in many languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, and Swahili. To be precise, Barack is for lightning thunderbolt. Bazak is Hebrew for a flash of light.

4. Elior has Hebrew origins and a divine meaning: God is light.

5. Eliora is a unique Hebrew name meaning the Lord is my light.

6. Leora has Greek origins and the name stands for light (of course) and compassion. The name has a similar meaning in Hebrew, light onto me or I have light.

7. Meira is a sweet name meaning light and comes from Hebrew.

8. Nera signifies light or candle in Hebrew.

9. Nuri has Arabic and Hebrew origins meaning light or fire.

10. Oralee is a divine name. So divine, it means God is my light in Hebrew.

11. Uri is a Hebrew name that means my light. Did you know that this name is Biblical too? In the Old Testament, Uri is linked to the father of Bezalel.

12. Ziva is brilliance and brightness in Hebrew.

Final Thoughts

There you have it: the ultimate list or lists of names that mean light in one way or another.

I hope you enjoyed this little journey across the world, meeting all sorts of cultures, and finding inspiration in the most unusual places.

Now all that’s left to do is pick one of these names that mean light, lightning, sky, or something similar for the light of your life.

Do you already have a favorite, or maybe two?

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